2020 South-West Regional e-Commerce Summit & Expo

Innovation Kitchen: Impact through innovation

At the summit & expo you will learn about internal organization, gather insights on how to scale up your business, improve your marketing and consumer satisfaction strategies, attract investors and funding or take your company to new markets.



  • Learn about the latest technologies trends and business models
  • Interact with the ecosystem to embrace innovation
  • The importance of innovation in creating prosperity in an economy
  • Help move organizations from market competing to market creating
  • Defining products and market segments in terms of jobs to be done & what job your product or service is being hired for
  • Transforming our understanding of customer choice in a way no amount of data could
  • Drive innovation transformation by leveraging emerging technologies to remain relevant



One of the things that people don't understand is that markets are creations. They are not something which we can just find. A market has to be created (Ronald Coase).



In Ibadan we will experience the summit & expo in March. You are invited to join over 30 speakers delivering 40+ hours of content across 24+ sessions.



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Why attend the 2020 South-West Regional e-Commerce Summit & Expo

To help independent organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals make strategic progress.



In 2018, hundreds of the regions smartest entrepreneurs descended on Ibadan



Organizer: Francis Madojemu



Location: NuStreams Conference & Culture Centre, Abeokuta Road, Alalubosa GRA, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria



Start Date: Monday 23rd March, 2020



End Date: Wednesday 25th March, 2020



Time: 9AM - 5PM


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