Bridesmaid Dresses In Nigeria Weddings

Although considered to an important extent when talking about wedding fashion, in the past, bridesmaid dresses were not worn for fun.



Bridesmaids did not just slay in bridesmaid dresses beside the bridal dress, they performed some duties that were risky, and life threatening then.



Today, it is all slaying in whatever color (the peach color, coral color, gold, yellow, purple, or pink color) that complemented the wedding gowns.



Isn’t it fashionable today when bridesmaid slay in the same color and style? How about I tell you some history of how bridesmaid of a thing started?



At a point in time, we all take a pause, reflect and wonder why things are the way they are. Why do people add bridesmaids to their wedding plans? Isn’t it extra cost? Is it even compulsory?






Historically, it all started with a cheated cheater, a scammed scammer who married two wives, at different times, through deceit and on both occasions.



The wives had a handmaid to follow them, hence, the birth of bridesmaids and bridesmaid dresses… (they did not follow naked na).



The duties attached to bridesmaid dresses arose from this biblical history although unlike “handmaid” then, bridesmaid is more sophisticated title and is bestowed on a peer not a mere servant.



Later on, bridesmaid dresses were not worn to just follow brides in their wedding gowns and attend or assist them but as a symbol to lay down your life for the bride if need be.



Whew! Frightening, right? But true.



Bridesmaid dresses were the exact replica of the bridal dress and worn by a number of people as determined by the bride and her family.



The replication worn was said to “confuse jealous suitors, highway men, and demonic spirits”…how horrifying!



Fast forward to the 20th century…..bridesmaid dresses 2017, 2018, and now 2019, things have really changed.



Today, with laws that have been in place for some time with no plans of leaving, bridesmaid dresses are worn with less fear but with more slay swags.



When you talk about bridesmaids dresses in Nigeria today, (from mermaid wedding dresses to sleeveless short gowns) you’ll agree that these beautiful chick slay the dresses themselves.



Latest Bridesmaid Dresses In Nigeria 2019

Weddings can be one of the money consuming parties we know or reunion in disguise for some, a party that is said to be for the bride and groom but in actual fact, for the parents (most especially the bride’s mother).



Talk about Nigerian clothing, you’ll agree with me that dresses for bridesmaid claims a huge part of this industry.



Slaying in the latest fashion and style trends, bridesmaid dresses were the exact replica of the bride’s dress and worn by a number of young ladies, as decided by the bride or her family.



The makeup of these young ladies were also said to be a replica of the brides makeup; all these were said to be done, according to a mythical fact (if there is ever a word like this), to deceive or confuse the wicked minds of a jealous suitor, thieves, etc…



Fast forward to the 2,000s…whew! What a relief! Today with laws in place for some time now that they are not budging an inch yet.



The Different Types of Bridesmaids

There are different types of bridesmaids although they can wear the same dress with a detail or two setting each class apart but they still have different titles.



We are quite familiar with the chief bridesmaid, maid of honor but rarely the junior bridesmaid. I will patiently tell you about these three.



Junior Bridesmaid

The junior bridesmaid is not of matrimonial or marriageable age but is included in the bridal train to wear one of the bridesmaid dresses.



This act or invitation to join the train is to honor somebody.



Remember how your cousin included you, barely a teen, in her bridal train just to please your mum that said you are available or show appreciation to that huge donation made to the wedding…you will totally get this if you are a Nigerian.



Chief Bridesmaid

The chief bridesmaid or maid of honor or matron of honor mean the same thing just that the titles are used differently.



Well you see, it is typical to see a best friend or a sister or family member “besting” a bride at the wedding.



In some rare cases, someone is rented to best the bride; that is how bad it is for some people, what a pity!



All the same, the person besting the bride is called chief bridesmaid or maid of honor. You can easily identify them as the color and / or style of their bridesmaid dresses is different from others but they are on the train.



If she is married and is the best lady then she is referred to as matron of honor.



6 Bridal Dresses Colors That Rock

Thanks to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s 1840 wedding that dragged in a change that was the evolution of wedding fashion in different hues of glory.



With a long lasting reference to how bright her bridesmaid dress stood out, different shades of colors have been featured on bridesmaid dresses.



Dump the idea of the bridesmaid outfit must be ugly…argh…such insecurity…well, y’all know you do not want to outshine the bride and groom when you are not Ebuka (kidding)



All colors are beautiful but some colors are more beautiful and are the best for bridesmaid dresses. Interestingly, you can rock any of these colors with top Nigerian hairstyles.




1. Peach Color Bridesmaid Dresses

Generally speaking peach is just a very light tint of orange or red-orange.



Ladies sha, na dem sabi all the colors. Leave this to guys and they’ll tell you all they see is whitish pinkish orange (lol, if there’s anything like that anyway)



2. Purple Bridesmaid Dresses Color

Purple is a low arousal color. It is traditionally associated with royalty, majesty or nobility as well as having a spiritual or mysterious quality.



Darker shades of purple often represent luxury or opulence while lighter lavender shades are quite feminine, sentimental and even nostalgic.



3. Pink Color

Pink is a color of sensitivity; the passion of red combined with the purity of white create this color associated with love, tranquility and femininity.



Bridal train dresses in this color are attention grabbing.



4. Yellow Color

Quick fact: Yellow grabs attention because the eyes sees yellow first. Yellow is a color of optimism.



It is a compelling color that conveys youthful, fresh energy; associated with success and confidence



5. Coral Bridesmaid Dresses



6. Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses



Long Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves

Bridesmaid dresses could be long, sweeping the nation clean or maxi.



The point is bridesmaids can still slay in long dresses with sleeves especially those getting married in a stricter environment.



Bridesmaid Dresses Short Styles

Yes, brides’ maid can slay in different styles; short dress styles inclusive.



Flower Girl Dresses

The flower girl is a bold little girl, within the age range of 4 – 9 years that throws flower petals on the floor from her basket while walking down the aisle before the bride during a wedding procession.



Unlike the junior bridesmaid who wears one of the bridesmaid dresses, a flower girl is not mandated to wear an exact replica of the bride’s dress.



The presence of a flower girl at the wedding exudes cuteness and innocence that tilts the corners of the lips of everyone present.



The flower girl is said to symbolize the “fading away of innocence and the responsibilities of a wife and mother”.


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