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50th and 60th Birthday Party Planning Tips and Ideas to that special milestone go even more smooth.

Here are the top planning tips when hosting a 50th or 60th is a big deal, so it should be celebrated with lots of fanfare.  Whether planning a birthday party backyard barbeque or a formal sit-down dinner, these guidelines will help even the most inexperienced host pull off a fabulous party.  After all, a gathering of family and friends is a fabulous way to say "Happy 50th/60th Birthday." ​​   1. Set a price window- A successful party means spending your time

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Bridesmaid Dresses In Nigeria Weddings

Although considered to an important extent when talking about wedding fashion, in the past, bridesmaid dresses were not worn for fun.     Bridesmaids did not just slay in bridesmaid dresses beside the bridal dress, they performed some duties that were risky, and life threatening then.     Today, it is all slaying in whatever color (the peach color, coral color, gold, yellow, purple, or pink color) that complemented the wedding gowns.     ...

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Running Successful Art Shows

Art fairs were once revolutionary. Dozens of artists selling their relatively affordable work to the public under one roof. Today, the art fair is one of the most traditional ways of selling art. In our recent post on the 5 Main Options to Sell Your Art, we noted that art fairs provide you with an easy way to get in front of new potential customers quickly, as well as validate that your art will sell to complete strangers. But, as a result of the exploding online art market, there are also gr...

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How To Use Social Media To Win At Trade Shows

Whether you find it exciting or confusing, there’s one thing that’s for sure – social media and trade show marketing go hand in hand. Social media at trade shows is a reality that is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Social media is no longer just “that thing that kids do on the computer.” What once was simply a place where college students would hang out online is now a digital world  the majority of the global population uses to interact, socia...

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2020 South-West Regional e-Commerce Summit & Expo

Innovation Kitchen: Impact through innovation At the summit & expo you will learn about internal organization, gather insights on how to scale up your business, improve your marketing and consumer satisfaction strategies, attract investors and funding or take your company to new markets.     Learn about the latest technologies trends and business models Interact with the ecosystem to embrace innovation The importance of innovation in creating prosperity in an ...

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