The Importance Of Exhibitions And Trade Shows

The importance of exhibitions and trade shows cannot be over emphasized. …


According to Inter Ads, “Exhibitions serve as an influential platform for companies, professionals and industry experts to come together, share information and build long-lasting business relationships. In established economies, exhibitions are a vital part of product marketing, along with direct selling, advertising, direct mail and the internet. In new and emerging markets, they serve as a major stimulus for industrial and commercial development.


Many small business owners have come to realize that participating at exhibitions and trade shows are the best modus operandi to growing their small business, however the reality is, exhibitions can be an expensive marketing tool.


So, before this investment is made, you should ask yourself these 2 questions;

1. What is your goal?

What would you like to accomplish at the exhibition? Is it to meet people, to close some sales, or to simply get names and e-mail addresses on your mailing list? What product or service are you planning to promote?


Determining what your personal aim is would make it easy for you to decide if the exhibition would yield a good return for your investment.



2. Does the Exhibition meet your goals?

Research the event to make sure it will be attracting your target audience and see how many exhibitions the organizers have done in the past and how successful they were. Find out who else would be exhibiting and see if their products are a competition to yours or if they compliment yours. This will let you know ahead if you need to make some tweaks or adjustments to your products.


With this in place, another thing you consider before exhibiting is to promote the event to your audience and customers. Without a doubt, the event organizers will make sure it is well publicized however you get more mileage if you invite your own prospects and customers to the exhibition or trade show.



The Importance Of Exhibitions And Trade Shows


Exhibitions are an opportunity for a large numbers of buyers and sellers in an industry to come into direct contact with each other – at the same time.


Exhibitions and trade shows bring together like-minded individuals either through the same profession or similar industries to exchange contact information and grow the company’s marketing message and brand image.




Image is everything especially in industries that depend on trust and quality.


Exhibiting at a trade show is a wonderful way to tell your industry that your company is serious, reliable, and large enough to afford its own presence at leading events and conferences.




Many producers do not know this, but open competition is a good way to grow your business. Exhibitions are a pro-active platform for buyers.


They can examine and discuss products of their interest, and also compare one product with other company’s products, and return again for further examination- all within a short space of time. By this, the producer learns what is working and what isn’t.




Exhibitions offer you the opportunity to go on fact finding missions searching for what your competition is doing right or wrong.


Pose as a customer and ask your competitors for price list, take note of their giveaways and special deals, see which booths are attracting the most attendees and learn their tactics.  All these will enable you piece together the sales and marketing strategies of other brands to help you readjust yours.




Social media has given rise to another dimension of marketing and marketers. Bloggers and influencers alike, visit exhibitions and trade shows in search of products to review on their blogs and other social media pages, and it just might be yours.


Plus, you can also get expert views on new developments and ideas on how to improve existing products.




Exhibitions offer a unique opportunity for producers to showcase their products and services to a highly targeted audience. Your prominently and well displayed products, will definitely attract visitors, buyers as well as the press. This exposure is invaluable to a small business.




New products can easily be launched and the feasibility of a new product can be put to test at exhibitions. If the product does not appeal to the specialized trade audience at an exhibition, this will very soon become apparent.




Exhibitions are an open and free for all avenue to reach out to new, old and potential customers in a particular place at that time, as long as he/she is ready to listen to you. They provide face-to-face customer contact, which is the best way to build on relationships and form new ones with potential customers.


Never will you get better access to direct clients than during trade shows and exhibitions. A good showcase at an exhibition can help build a lot of credibility about your brand and help you generate a good buzz about any product or service that you are hoping to launch.


This helps you in creating market traction as well as increasing your client base.


But all of this depends on you choosing the right trade show for your company. Attending the wrong trade show can cost your business far more than it produces in sales income.


Exhibiting at a trade show is a great way to transform your business from a small startup into a talked-about, profitable, and highly effective enterprise.


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